5 Tips for Common Dog behavior Problems

Dogs are known for being loyal and obedient animals. However, like any other animal, they can sometimes exhibit unwanted behaviors. You may try to reward your dog with treats to change its behavior, but what if it still remains the same? Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind if you want to fix some of your dog’s common behavioral problems:

1. Crate training can help with potty training and preventing destructive behavior

Potty training is an essential part of owning a dog. One way to potty train your dog is to use a crate. Crates provide a safe and enclosed space for your dog to do their business, and the confinement can help to prevent them from making messes. Additionally, crates can also help to prevent destructive behaviors such as chewing or digging. By confining your dog to a crate when you cannot supervise them, you can help to prevent them from causing damage to your home.

2. If your dog barks excessively, try teaching them to “speak” or “quiet” on cue

Most dogs bark for many reasons, including to alert the owner to someone approaching, to scare off an intruder, or simply out of excitement. While a certain amount of barking is normal, excessive barking can be a nuisance for both the dog and the owner. Fortunately, there are a few things that can be done to help prevent dogs from barking excessively. One is to provide the dog with plenty of exercises. A tired dog is less likely to bark out of excitement or boredom. Another is to provide the dog with plenty of mental stimulation, such as puzzle toys or interactive games.

3. If your dog jumps up on guests, start by teaching them to sit instead

Dogs are known for being particularly friendly creatures, and their natural tendency is to jump on people when they see them. While this may be harmless at best, it can cause problems if the dog is not properly trained. Teaching a dog to sit if they jump on guests is relatively simple. The first step is to wait until the dog jumps on a guest and then immediately give the command “sit.” Once the dog has obeyed, it is important to reinforce the behavior with a treat or positive verbal praise. With consistency and repetition, most dogs will quickly learn that sitting is the desired behavior when guests are present.

4. Make sure your dog gets enough exercise and playtime

As any pet owner knows, dogs require a lot of care and attention. They need to be fed and watered, groomed, and exercised. Of all these things, exercise is perhaps the most important. A dog that doesn’t get enough exercise is likely to be restless and destructive, and may even develop health problems. For this reason, it’s important to make sure that your dog gets enough exercise and playtime. Depending on the breed, age and size of your dog, this may mean taking them for a walk or run several times a day, or letting them play in the yard or at the park.

5. Use positive reinforcement when training your dog

Training a dog can be a frustrating process, but there are some basic techniques that can make it easier. One of the most important things to remember is to use positive reinforcement. Dogs are much more likely to respond to rewards than punishment, so focus on offering treats or praise when your dog behaves in the way you want. With patience and consistency, you can teach your dog obedience commands and tricks that will make both of you happy.

Although there are many ways to control common behavioral problems, the most important aspect is understanding your dog. Once you understand what motivates your dog’s behavior and how they learn, you can start to put together a plan that will work best for both of you.

Nick White
Nick White
Nick White is the owner of Off Leash K9 Training. He has over 80 dog training franchise locations throughout the United States. He currently hosts the A&E show, America's Top Dog.

A Closer Look at the Differences Between Traditional Japanese and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is a martial arts form that has advantages for practitioners of all ages and strength levels. But the art form as we see it today has evolved much from its origins many hundreds of years ago in Feudal Japan. It wasn’t until the end of the last century when the Gracie family took the concepts of an age-old art and reinvented them for practical use in this modern day and age.

This has become known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is practiced and taught across the world as one of the most effective forms of personal defense.

What is the Difference between the Traditional and Brazilian Forms of Jiu Jitsu?

Traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu was founded in the Sengoku period of the Muromachi Era in ancient Japan.

Several contemporary martial arts were conceptualized and developed over many centuries by the mighty Samurai Warrior Class in Medieval Japan and soon fell into a single art form called, Jiu Jitsu (JIU jitsu). This martial form was designed for an armor-clad Samurai rushing headlong into the thick of a melee on the battlefield where many types of sharpened metal devices were being swung haphazardly. Therefore, it had special considerations for the type of combat that would be experienced here.

It was assumed the practitioner would be wearing heavy armor, armed with a slashing weapon – called a Katana – and most likely fighting opponents in the similar gear.

The practice was obviously effective because Jiu Jitsu training was passed on through written and word of mouth records from generation to generation. As time went by the practices on the battlefield changed, other martial arts lent their distinctive flavors to the mix and different philosophies worked to change the underlying values of Traditional Japanese Jiu Jitsu.

Where much of the original goals of Jiu Jitsu were barbaric battlefield techniques meant to shatter bones, break necks and cause deep internal hemorrhaging, the practice was adjusted to suit a different sort of engagement.

For example, many of the original grappling throws were executed to land the opponent on their heads and, with any luck, snap their neck. As time went on, this became impractical to everyday use; you can’t have every drunken brawl ending in murder. So, these throws were adjusted to drop opponents to the floor in ways that would effectively incapacitate them, rendering further assaults ineffective and allowing the revelry to continue.

So, Japanese Jiu Jitsu lives on happily and has become a sort of boiling pot for many other martial arts techniques and philosophies. You will find many elements of Judo in the way an opponent’s weight is manipulated against them. You will see a flash of Aikido in the way impact is redirected and you will certainly feel a “Karate-flavored” impact, from many of the strikes in the Japanese Jiu Jitsu arsenal.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was taken by the Gracie Family at the turn of the century and transformed into a precision tool for a specific task. Built off the strong foundation of traditional concepts and centuries old teachings, Brazilian, Or Gracie, Jiu Jitsu has approached the route to the traditional JJJ goals from a distinctively Brazilian perspective.

It could be said that in many ways, BJJ is a more efficient and less classical martial art than its predecessor. One way this is very evident is the grappling concepts seen in BJJ which are a far more focused and evolved category of the throws seen in Traditional Jiu Jitsu

Another important constituent of BJJ, is the Brazilian approach to training, fighting and even studying your opponent. Where Japanese training is largely centered around expert instruction, precision execution and rigid adherence to established kata – which is a sequence of form and motion, BJJ is all about practice and evolving your technique to match yourself and finally when the time comes, your opponent.

You will notice the differences when watching the different martial arts in serious application. A practitioner of BJJ will solve the challenges of an encounter with a fluid set of principles that can be applied in a vast number of ways. This allows for an unparalleled serenity, boundless resourcefulness and delicate cadence in every engagement, like the legendary Anderson Silva.

A Traditional Jiu Jitsu expert, on the other hand, will work with a clearly defined set of practices, responses and engagements that can be tight on creativity when it comes time to swap blows with an aggressor. This usually leaves the JJJ fighter with one recourse to a desperate situation, do the same thing but faster and harder.

JD Lopez
JD Lopez
JD Lopez is owner and operate of Fabin Rosa Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. With almost 20 years of martial arts experience, including 10 in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, JD has developed a passion for the art of self defense.

What Is A Spa Treatment?

If you have a spa treatment done, this can really improve the way that you look and feel. For those that have never had this type of treatment applied to their face or body, will be pleasantly surprised by the results. The term spa treatment is multifaceted. It does not reference one particular procedure. It is referential of many different treatments that you can obtain from professionals that are dedicated to improving the way that you feel and look. As an example, you can get a Brazilian wax or simply get a manicure at Chloe Spa Las Vegas. Let’s discuss what spa treatments are, how they work, and which ones are the most popular today.

Defining Spa Treatments

A spa treatment can be referred to as obtaining facials or body treatments, ones that are typically administered in a professional setting. If you have ever seen advertisements for a local professional spa, this is what you can expect once you arrive there. Facials are among the most popular of all of the spa treatments, referred to as a corrective treatment for your skin. For those that are aging, experiencing acne, or if you simply want to rehydrate the cells of your skin on your face, obtaining a facial can help you accomplish all of this and more.

Body treatments fall into a couple different categories. First of all, some of them involve exfoliating all of the dead skin on your body. They may use salt, sugar, or even coffee grounds, to agitate the upper layer of your skin to loosen the dead skin that will come off. The other type of body treatment involves getting a massage. There are two different types that are extremely popular. That includes a Swedish massage, and a deep tissue massage, each of which can help you loosen the muscles on your body so that can feel better and more relaxed.

Where Can You Get The Best Spa Treatments?

The best spa treatments will come from those businesses which are either highly recommended, or that have phenomenal feedback from customers that have posted this online. The online information can be found on business websites, review websites, or in the listings that you find in the search engines. All of this information can help you make your decision, helping you to get the best possible service. You may even find that some of them are advertising promotional offers, allowing first-time customers, or even existing ones, to take advantage of special discounts.

Additional Spa Treatments That You May Want To Consider Trying

There are a few other spa treatments that you may want to consider. One of those is called the chemical peel. Similar to exfoliation, it uses specific chemicals that can remove dead skin cells from your face and body. Waxing is another one which is very popular. This is done to remove unwanted hairs on your body. A mud bath might be the right option for you. This can help you relax and also provide your skin with beneficial nutrients. Finally, you can ask if they do provide aromatherapy treatments. Essential oils will travel through your olifacftory system to help improve the way you feel. All of the are very beneficial, and when administered by the right person, you can truly benefit from what these treatments are designed to do.

This overview of what a spa treatment is, and how you can find special deals on them, should motivate you to consider having one of them done. Whether you choose to have a facial, massage, or if you would like to exfoliate the totality of your skin, all of this can be done at a local spa treatment provider. When done regularly, you will feel more relaxed, and your face will look more relaxed and rejuvenated. To take advantage of special deals that are currently available in your community, search the web, or simply contact these local businesses to ask if they have special offers that are available.

Vicky Sun
Vicky Sun
Vicky Sun is the proprietor of Chloe Spa, a luxury, full service spa and salon in Summerlin Las Vegas. Established in 2015, Chloe's commitment and dedication to providing unparalleled service has built a reputation.

How Computerizing Health and wellness Records Improves Health Care

As even more aspects of the health care system action in the direction of being computerized, there are lots of advantages for individuals. Among the primary advantages is that if you see a medical professional or healthcare facility that is a part of the same network, they will certainly have the ability to call your notes promptly. This provides the capability to examine things like medicine allergic reactions as well as pre-existing medical conditions.

You will certainly still be asked some standard questions to make two times as certain that your records are accurate which the treatment you get is safe as well as up to standard, yet you will certainly not need to worry about anything enduring being forgotten due to the fact that all of your documents will be right there.

This means that when you go to the emergency clinic and get some therapy for something, perhaps a blast, the documents will be upgraded immediately. Should you go to your primary care medical professional a day or 2 later complaining of a significant headache, they will see that you have had a blast, and they will certainly recognize to be on the alert for problems resulting from that, so they will not come close to the migraine as being “just a migraine headache”.

Having the capacity to instantly accessibility and also testimonial health documents such as this is a big benefit for medical professionals as well as medical facilities and also it genuinely could save lives. It’s the matching of an electronic clinical arm band. When the physicians find your name in your purse or passport as well as look you up, they’ll know if you’re diabetic person, asthmatic, or have various other medical problems.

When you relocate to a new location, you will not have to bother with your medical records “arriving in the article”. When you require emergency treatment while on holiday, if you could obtain your records sent over digitally the medical professional will certainly have the ability to give you far better guidance than they otherwise would certainly feel certified to give.

Some people could stress over personal privacy issues, yet the clinical computer system systems are made to be safe, as well as physician patient privacy is something that they take extremely seriously, so while there is constantly the threat of a breach, it’s not as likely as you could assume. If you’re worried about your medical records you must be worried concerning your tax obligation data also!

Digital records are the future, as well as the even more healthcare facilities and surgeries that join to form a standard system, the far better it willbe for each person.